Membership Prices

Important Notes:                                                      

1. For Direct Debit payments, the first three months are required to be paid up front. The minimum membership period is 6 months, otherwise a $50.00 membership early cancellation fee applies.

2. Associate Playing Members are parents/guardians wanting to play with their children ONLY who are also club   members.

3. There is a $3.00 penalty for dishonoured Direct Debit payments.  Dishonoured payments may be reprocessed by the club at its earliest convenience, and include the penalty payment.                                                           

4. Visitors Fees for non-members are $10.00 per person and must be paid at the club office or bar prior to play.

5. Monthly Direct Debit payments are processed on the 20th of each month, or the first working day following if it falls on a weekend.                                                 

6. Other family membership options & corporate memberships available on request.

* Gym is only available to members aged 16 and over.