Scarbro Caro Bowl

The Scarbro Caro Bowl is Auckland’s top Interclub competition. It takes its name from the trophy “Maurice S Caro Memorial Bowl” which was donated in memory of the late Maurice S Caro, who was killed in action on the 2nd of July 1916 in the first battle of the Somme (WW1). If you were to view the trophies, you would notice that the women's trophy only has results from 1990 onward. This is because until that time, the men's and women's Caro Bowl had been played together, with only a single trophy (now the men's trophy) being presented to the winning mixed team.

Royal Oak has a very proud history in the Caro Bowl competition, having won the trophy ona number of occasions.  The Coaching team ats 2SW have provided a great [pathway for our juniors to progress through tghe interclub sysytem, represent the Club at Caro Bowl level and often progress on to take up Scholarships in the USA or turn professional and represent their country.

The Caro Bowl is usually played on Friday night at the club and these events have traditionally been very well supported by club members, and it is not uncommon to see the viewing decks packed with spectators enjoying the tennis.

For full information on this year's Caro Bowl competition, read the full information booklet here.

The 2023 Caro Bowl Teams

Ladies - 3rd

Maria Galatescu

Ruby Young

Emma Anderson

Poppy Loutit

Reserves : Genevieve Dickey & Kate Anderson

Mens - 4th

Will Roberts

Oli Statham

Chris Simich

Andrew Allan

Chester Espie

Bryce Hayr

Reserves : Trent O'Keeffe & Adam Branks