Tennis at "The Oak"

The Royal Oak Racquets Club is intertwined with the history of tennis in Auckland over the last 100+ years. The club has seen players of such calibre as Brian Fairlie, Peter Langsford, Julie Richardson, James Greenhalgh, Willie Laban, Brett Steven and Rubin & Oliver Statham initiate their successful tennis careers on the courts here at “The Oak”. The club is not limited to elite Tennis players and has in a very strong base of social and competitive players and we welcome members of all playing levels and abilities to our join our club and be part of our community. Royal Oak Racquets Club offers a number of Tennis options to members.

Club Night

Held on Thursdays from 6.30-8.30pm and open to all Tennis Club Members, (free) Sunday afternoon hit from 5/6pm in the Summer and 4pm in the Winter plus we have a Saturday Hit Out at 3pm during Winter and 4.30pm or after Interclub finishes in Summer. All events are run by a fantastic group of club members and this is a great way to meet people and become more involved in the club. Players of all levels are welcome​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​.

Friday Night Tennis League

The Friday Night Tennis League is open to all club members and gives you an organised match each week. We use the online website from Teamer, and each week on Monday you will receive a text or email request to play on the Friday night. You just need to accept or decline the registration depending on your availability. Accept by midday Thursday to be entered into the draw, which will be emailed out Thursday afternoon where you'll be scheduled a match after 6pm Friday night. When you register initially you can specify if you want to just play singles or doubles, or either if you're not fussy!

Matches are played best of 3 sets with a super tiebreaker for the third set. You'll be matched up with players of a similar ability as much as possible. It's just another great way to meet club members, get some matchplay experience, and have a great time at The Oak!


For the more serious player, we have a number of tennis Interclub teams on offer ranging from Auckland’s elite Caro Bowl Competition to social and fun grades both in singles/doubles or doubles/mixed teams.

Senior Summer Interclub starts in mid September and winter in late April/May.

Junior Interclub is on a Sunday October/November and then February/March.

Winter Interclub is played on a Sunday from 10am and usually runs for the months of June/July.

To see what team would be best suit you speak to a tennis committee member or our Resident Tennis Professionals Angela & Gary Swinkels.


There are number of events held throughout the year that members are encouraged to participate in. These include the annual club champs – singles, doubles and mixed, Masters and Junior events as well. Along with our annual open tournament, doubles & Bubbles tournaments, make sure you keep your eye on the Tennis Notice board upstairs in the lounge or the weekly newsletter for more details.

Junior Tennis Club Night and Under 8's Coaching

Junior Club Night is held on a Friday during terms 1 and 4 and includes basic group coaching and fun games. This is complimentary to all club members.

5-8 years – Saturday 9am-10am Finishes Sat Dec 26th - starts again Feb 3rd

8-12 years – Friday 4pm–5pm Finishes Fri Dec 15th - starts again Feb 2nd

13-18 years – Friday 5pm-6pm Finishes Fri Dec 15th - starts again Feb 2nd

All subscriptions for the current season must be paid before attending these sessions

Please contact the office on 09 625 7191 or email for more information. 

RORC Saturday Tennis Group

A fun social Club hit out for members at 3pm in the Winter and 4.30pm in the Summer months  - follow on Facebook @TheRoyalOakRacquetsSaturdayTennis