Court Bookings

Player Protocols

Ready to play:

  • Use the hand sanitiser provided before you play.
  • The water fountain is available to fill your water bottle.

At the end of your game:

  • Use the hand sanitiser provided after you play.
  • Use the spray provided to clean equipment eg. Squash balls, squash door handles, tennis net cord.
  • Wipe down your sweat on the squash courts using your own towel.
  • Shower before entering the lounge.

Member Bookings 
Court bookings for members requires your personlised member log in. If you don't have a login contact the office and we can sort it out for you quickly.

Visitor Bookings 

For casual play please contact the office. Visitors are welcome to play tennis or squash with a casual booking fee - $15 adults, $10 juniors. Racquets and balls are also available on request with a fee of $5 each. 

Contact Us
Phone: 027 316 7704